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17 June 2019, Monday
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Bass Fishing with, football Jigs can be intimidating to a lot of bass fishermen. From Pre Spawn to Post Spawn it catches big bass. Here are the tips and techniques that will help you learn how to fish the football jig and catch more bass.

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- What is a football jig? A football jig is different than your regular flipping jig. First of all, I like a heavy jig. Again it depends on each bass angler's personal preference, though there are certain guidelines that can point you in the right direction. For this reason, McClelland uses a simple system to determine the correct weight to use for each depth zone.

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- It s a football-shaped lead, okay, and it s meant for casting. It s not meant for flipping or skipping under docks. These places are prone to have a hard bottom composition, making them a hotspot for football jigs. Trailers For Football Jig Heads, trailers are a matter of personal confidence and preference. It never hurts to include a bit of white or light gray in an color scheme you're doing on a jig yourself. I don't know if you can see my tip, but my tip's hitting all kinds of things.

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- It s an open-water type jig. Tactical Bassin gives tips on throwing a jig during the cold winter months. Additionally, when lead jigs are retrieved through the water and hit a limb they will have a tendency to flop right or left placing the hook in a position to snag the limb or stump. Football shaped lead jigs are far less likely to, in fact, it's almost impossible for them, to flop on their sides. Creek channel bars, as the water continues to warm and the bass start getting back to their normal selves, theyll start moving out toward creek channel bars, McClelland said. It's a seven-foot heavy, a great action for a football jig. Like so many other things in bass fishing try several and settle on the one that produces in your hands.

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- From fishing a football jig on highland reservoirs to flipping a jig in river systems, Matt shows his favorite jigs for each scenario. Though the football jig was developed to be fished by dragging it along and always in contact with the bottom, like a Carolina rig, there are several ways weekenders and pros alike fish them. If you do you're asking for some frustration. Pretty much, I fish green pumpkins, watermelons, crayfish imitating type colors. Go with them instead.

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- Like so many other things in bass fishing try several and settle on the one that produces in your hands. (Photo: m) As the fishing pressure and temperatures continue to increase this summer, dont underestimate the effectiveness of football jigs for bass fishing. Big females are always looking to eat as much as they can without exerting much energy and these areas allows for that. They were designed with hard, chunk rock strewn bottoms in mind. Most baitfish, as well as crawfish, have light colored bellies. It sinks, is very abrasion resistant and strong.
They seem to want a more compact trailer with less action. T work your jig into the grass. Ll throw a black and blue. McClelland said, whatever crayfish type imitation color that I can find. Also, i use a Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Craw or Zoom Super Speed Craw. So hereapos, tips and Tricks, this enables you to pull it free from the same path it went. Maybe if Iapos, postspawn, maybe not pure white but certainly dirty white or light gray. An interesting note on color, what to look for and the different trailers that can be used on them. Here I explain how I usually fish my football jigs and in what situation. Iapos, mcClelland said, rocky Slopes 45 slopes that are covered with chunk rock and rock transitions attract crawfish which in turn draw bass. Whenever Im moving my jig a lot. Summertime bass can be a bit tough for anglers to figure out. But mastering this tactic is sure to produce some excellent action in the coming months. Ll see you guys, donapos, they catch big bass just like many other jigs. And that s a football jig. Weight selection is crucial, there is a lure in my tacklebox that I ve caught a lot of big fish.

As you retrieve your jig you incorporate a few hops by pulling you rod tip back six to eight inches with three or so quick pumps. Theres a lot of transitional behavior happening in the early stages of summer, McClelland said. What's the best water clarity for football jigs?

You're not really lifting the tip, which would lift the jig upward off the bottom.

Drag it, drag. If you can walk backwards through their prespawn routine, youll be able to catch a bunch of fish. These points extend into the main lake or river area and give those bass something they craveeasy access to deep water.